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Facebook Advertising Marketing Management india

Facebook isn’t just a social platform, in fact a huge selling counter! Apart for Facebook’s multilingual social networking features, Facebook offers a mechanism referred to as Facebook adverts specifically designed to offer flexible marketing opportunities, eliminating barriers to reach target audiences within and across the globe.

Recently, Facebook has unleashed its adverts with extended features and surveillance to identify audiences with specific needs and demographic reach. It tracks down user-behaviour, needs and activities to specify ad placement and reach to the right audience. In short, Facebook adverts are one of the most powerful, cost-effective online tools to reach potential crowds beyond borders.

Let’s take a look at the india’s social media engagement as a case in point. There are for over 2.3 million Facebook users in india of which 34% are female and 66% are male. india Facebook users generate 2.7 billion page views each month and spend an average of 25 minutes on every visit.

It is reported that 31% of india consumers shop online for products that are not available in offline shops. 56% of internet users in the india perform online research prior to buying a car and 46% claim that they base their decision on which car to purchase from online reviews. It also reported that 46% of india internet users are influenced by social media networks.

One-on-one customer engagement

Facebook adverts allow one-on-one customer engagement with personalised interactions. If you want to interact with your potential customers directly or enjoy large fan following, Facebook enables you to do that. Using Facebook ads in india, you can engage directly and answer to your customer’s specific queries easily.

Detailed feedback

Facebook advert platform provides detailed feedback with statistical insights to help you understand your fan page activities. As you are able to deal your followers directly, you can send or receive feedbacks instantly. If your fan page is designed and customised for sharing customer comments and experiences with your brand, you get even closer to your audiences, you enjoy details that help you identify and attend your strong and weak areas - in short you win brand loyalty.

Specific targeting

Your online marketing strategies are even more powerful when they are specific. Facebook advertising campaign in india aid you with specific targeted activities and enable you to cater your business products or services through its demographics features and settings.

Encourage sharing

Facebook adverts encourage offer flexible features for sharing visuals, copies and video content. It is one of the digital ways, very near to the word-of-mouth technique, enables you to address masses at large. Facebook capitalizes on this by enabling the creation of local online communities where people can exchange their experiences with your brand and other news related to your company.

Social recommendations

Facebook adverts feature social recommendations, making it easier for you to spread the good news about your product or services. Your contacts or the people who’ve ‘followed’ you can also suggest or recommend their personal contacts to join your FB page or can specifically recommend your product to a selection of people. Their friends can see endorsement on your ads posted via Facebook.

Ideal platform

Facebook as the most famous social networking service is an ideal platform for your business’ marketing efforts because of its “social by design” framework. Its unique concept of sharing and growing connections offers perfect features for networking and branding.